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Audio Studio

The DIGITALHUB.NG  has a state of the art recording, mixing and mastering studio based in the heart of VI. The studio is equipped with industry standard DAW's, from AVID PRO TOOLS HDX, CUBASE and STUDIO ONE, each running on independent MAC systems.

With a collection of high-end studio microphones from, NEUMANN, COLES, JOSEPHSON, MIDAS XL48 PRE-AMPS, 192Khz 32 bit sample rates catered for by an AVID 8X8X8 interface, monitors by Bowers and Wilkins in the control room and  BEYER DYNAMIC DT100's with HP4 headphone amplifiers for the booth. The highest quality recordings can be catered for here end to end.

Any project of any size, if you just need to record high quality vocals for your midi track, or have a full blown album project, we are here to facilitate.

The studio has a multitude of acoustic treatments to facilitate a smooth but flat audio response in both the performance booth and the control-room. The large glass viewing window has multiple layers of plate glass. The control-room has carpeted floors where as the live area has a natural wooden floor.

Both areas are equipped with A/C and the whole studio as a 40kVA UPS to backup power outages (the building has a 1000 Kva generator for NEPA backup) 

The studio is designed to be flexible, offering clients options to record mix and master in one studio, or you can do any of the above carrying out the other activities else where. 

Please call Steve on 0816 2269837 for further details / bookings.

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