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About Us

What We Do

Media Empire Studio is a broad spectrum creative-technical company, what does this mean? In the past companies labelled themselves as creative or technical, at Media Empire Studio we excel at both, so your creative concept is developed, in brain storming sessions, with our team, to assist in developing the creative idea. Once the creative concept is finalised in a design, our technical team step in, turning your idea, with some our innovation added through the creative process, in to a delivered reality.


What is the scope of the services we offer ? Media Empire Studio covers all things production, live event design, musical concerts, live broadcasts, sound design and engineering, video, cinematography, TV series, pre-to post production, project and production management, sound recording, mixing and mastering, video editing and grading, social media management please take a look at our gallery and video section, or for more information, select contact us, thank you.

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